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Petro Melinov’s distillation process is a sophisticated method of separating crude oil into its component fractions such as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuels. Utilizing advanced refining technologies, we ensure the highest levels of purity and efficiency. Our state-of-the-art distillation units are designed to optimize energy use and reduce environmental impact, making our process not only effective but also sustainable. The resulting products are the building blocks for a myriad of applications, from transportation fuels to feedstocks for petrochemical manufacturing.

Fuel & Blendstocks

Our range of fuels and blendstocks are formulated to meet the diverse needs of modern engines and industrial systems. These products include high-quality gasoline for vehicles, diesel for heavy machinery, and specialized blendstocks for industrial use. With a focus on high performance and low emissions, Petro Melinov’s fuels are rigorously tested to ensure they meet global environmental standards and deliver optimal efficiency. Our blendstocks also provide a versatile base for various industrial applications, offering reliability and consistency.

Basel Oils

Basel oils, also known as base oils, are high-quality oils used as a primary component in the production of lubricants. Petro Melinov’s Basel oils are characterized by their purity, stability, and performance. These oils form the backbone of high-grade lubricants, providing excellent thermal and oxidative stability. Suitable for automotive, industrial, and marine applications, our basel oils are available in a range of viscosities and performance specifications to meet specific requirements.

Bitumens & Petrochemicals

Petro Melinov offers a wide range of bitumens and petrochemicals, essential for construction and industrial applications. Our bitumens are used in road construction and maintenance, offering superior durability and weather resistance. They are also used in waterproofing and roofing solutions. Our petrochemicals serve as essential raw materials in the manufacture of plastics, synthetic rubber, and other chemical products. Produced under strict quality control, our bitumens and petrochemicals set industry benchmarks for quality and performance.

Aviation Fuel & Lubrications

Our aviation fuels and lubricants are specially formulated to meet the rigorous demands of the aerospace industry. Petro Melinov’s aviation fuels, including Jet A1 and Avgas, are known for their high quality and performance, ensuring the safety and efficiency of aircraft operations. Our aviation lubricants provide exceptional protection for engines and components, offering enhanced thermal stability, corrosion resistance, and reduced wear. Trusted by airlines and aircraft operators globally, our products are synonymous with reliability and excellence in the sky.