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We Believe In Quality

Quality isn’t just a standard; it’s our unwavering commitment and the cornerstone of everything we do. At Petro melinov, excellence is not an option – it’s our belief, our practice, and our promise. We believe in quality because your success deserves nothing less.


To lead in hydrocarbon and energy sector. We dedicate ourselves to delivering dependable, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions globally. Our focus is on meeting evolving customer needs, cultivating enduring partnerships rooted in trust, innovation, and exceptional service. We aim to advance industries through a reliable and secure supply of high-quality hydrocarbon commodity, emphasizing environmental responsibility and community well-being.


Aspiring to lead the hydrocarbon commodity sector with a commitment to excellence and integrity. Our vision is to transform the energy landscape through innovation in accordance to  global standards. We strive to be a catalyst for positive change, shaping a dependable energy future.

Reach The Top With The Oil Industry

Explore Our Diverse Range of Energy Solutions

Delve into Petro Melinov’s extensive array of innovative products. From the depths of distillation to the heights of aviation fuel, our portfolio embodies excellence, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology. Our client will experience the synergy of quality and performance in all of our product offerings


At Petro Melinov, our leased distillation process is the cornerstone of refining, where crude oil is transformed into various fractions. This sophisticated process ensures the highest purity and quality, creating the foundation for our diverse range of petroleum products.

Fuel & Blendstocks

Our fuel and blendstocks are engineered for efficiency and reliability. From automotive fuels to industrial applications, we provide high-performance products designed to meet the demanding needs of a dynamic world.

Inline with the demand for greener technology, we are committed to supplying bio-diesel for the future of sustainable energy. 

Basel Oils

Petro Melinov’s Basel Oils are the epitome of excellence, offering unmatched quality for various applications. Ideal for high-grade lubricants and other specialized uses, our basel oils set the standard in the industry.

Bitumens & Petrochemicals

Our bitumens and petrochemicals are at the forefront of construction and industrial innovation. From roads to roofing, our products ensure durability and efficiency, contributing to sustainable development.

Aviation Fuel & Lubrications

Petro Melinov’s aviation fuels and lubrications are crafted for the skies. Ensuring safety and peak performance, our products are trusted by aviation professionals worldwide, powering flights with reliability and precision.